All the places you’ll GO!

All the places you’ll GO!

Over the last few months, we have had the very first versions of our gear out in the field thanks to a handful of amazing brand ambassadors, partners, influencers and other 21st Century Outdoor Enthusiasts. They have taken our ultimate solar backpack and its attachments on adventures big and small- testing our gear, providing crucial feedback and spreading the word about our gear and mission. Check out some of our highlights below and stay tuned to learn more about our ambassadors and partners.

Our friends at Backpack EMR brought one of the very first versions of the backpack to Haiti for a medical mission. The solar component and backup power source specifically makes it ideal for disaster relief. At our launch party in July, 5+ sets were purchased as donations to Backpack EMR partners for future medical missions.

Always The Road, a Midwestern van conversion duo, have deemed our gear a must have for life on the road! Compact, handy and high-tech, this is one set of gear that makes living the simple life a bit more, well, simple.

Jason Heegaard brought his set with him for his summer gig at YMCA’s Camp St. Croix. It was the perfect counselor resource made complete with the electronic fire starter for s’mores with ease. Thanks to the solar panel and power bank, cameras stayed charged on the trail to capture the memories.

Bill DeJoseph, a tournament Kayak Angler, has been one of our most excited ambassadors, bringing his gear to tournaments all over the east coast this summer. He (and his kiddos) love that it can start the fire and “keep the iced tea icy”!

Mark Bazyuk brought his gear to Whistler, Canada, where our fold-out stool was perfect for taking a load off once you reach the peak.

Jordyn Kaufer, aka @Exploredoutdoors, has been ALL OVER the competitive fishing circuit with our gear. From popping a squat to wait out the biggest catch to charging his gear on long days out on the water (or ice!), you’ll be seeing this set all over Minnesota and Wisconsin soon!

No coffee shop? No problem. Will Heegaard pops up his mobile office and charging station with ease upon arriving in Puerto Rico for a disaster relief mission.

We cannot wait for you all to get your gear this fall! When you do, make sure to tag @Gaardone on Facebook and Instagram, or send your snapshots to