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Notes From the Trail: The Gaard One Story

Notes From the Trail: The Gaard One Story

It’s In Our Blood

Appreciation of the outdoors runs deep in the Heegaard bloodline. Passed down through the generations, babies were strapped to the backs of their parents before they were old enough to hike, fish and hunt on their own. The story of Gaard One hinges on the heritage of the Heegaard family, a story rooted in the wilderness and freedom that comes with the absence of pavement and sometimes even cell service.
Nate and his Dad
Hunting, fishing, anything to get outdoors. This mantra resonated with Nate from a young age as he and his family spent almost every family vacation hiking around national parks- from Alaska to California and everywhere in between or up exploring the north woods of MN. In lieu of the magic of Disney, Nate and his brothers Joe and Will, were exposed to something else; the power of the Northern Lights, the Mississippi River and the vast woods of Northern Minnesota.
Over the years, Nate fit his passion into the nights and weekends even if it meant some less thrilling adventures from time to time. Eventually moving to the Pacific Northwest to attend the University of Oregon, his path outdoor enthusiast to a career wildlife guide begun.
Becoming a professional wilderness guide, Nate spent the years after University leading outdoor enthusiasts on trips of all levels and - from scenic day trips in the prairie lands of North Dakota to excursions in the mountains of Colorado and the Alaskan tundra.
The Creation of Gaard One 
In 2016 Nate had a procedure for a hereditary condition in hopes of avoiding later physical side effects. Instead he was left with the devastating after effect of chronic pain to the extent of losing partial use of his right leg. Shortly after returning to Minneapolis, unable to continue his work as a professional outdoorsman, Nate began doing what he does best: inventing. Inspired by the generations before him, he knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to gear up for any adventure.
Nate Heegard: Chief Outdoors Officer
Modular, useful, responsive to evolving needs. These pillars have been present in each step of innovation from day one. Setting out to create modular and reliable gear for the 21st century outdoor enthusiast, Nate set out to create a brand to see you through all adventures, whatever they may be. Instead of singular products, there is an emphasis on producing sets of gear to adapt with the needs of the user. Mix and match, choose your own adventure.
Spend One Gaard One 
As a company, Gaard One is devoted to two things: redefining the outdoor industry with efficient, interchangeable sets of gear and conserving the wilderness land that inspires adventure. Our one-for-one business model dedicates to conserve one square foot of wilderness land for every dollar spent on our gear. You Spend One, we Gaard One. Our mission has inspired the creation of innovative, optimized sets of gear for the 21st Century Outdoor Enthusiast.
This is just the beginning of Gaard One. Make sure to sign up for our email list to ensure you never miss a product launch, update or even chances to win free gear! We would also love to hear from you, our GO community. We want to hear what you need in the field, how you'll use our products or just in general. Drop us a line at info@gaardone.com and stay tuned for some more amazing updates!