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3 Weeks, 23k Square Feet of Land

3 Weeks, 23k Square Feet of Land

3 Weeks, 23k ft2 of land

As many of you GO Groupies know, Gaard One made its debut as a company on Indiegogo 3 weeks ago. Our Power of One set of gear has made quite the splash in the community of 21st Century Outdoor Enthusiasts with our revolutionary, interchangeable system.
To date, we are 77% funded, with 23,020 ft2 of land to be conserved (that’s nearly the size of two Olympic swimming pools!).
We have had quite the ride so far! With Brand Ambassadors from California to Pennsylvania, active service members to pro-anglers, keep your eyes out for our gear in a city (or the field) near you! Check out some of our highlights:
Pete and Taylor have been obsessed with The Power of One and its modular, useful features since the day they received it! Travelling the country converting vans, these two have been amazing in spreading the word and sharing the product with their followers.
Tim Carpenter with Everyday Tactical did a great job on this deep dive of the product. You can check it out here.
Justin McCulley has been out in the field nonstop with his pack! Raving about the comfort and the features like the electronic fire starter, he has been one of our best testers to date.  
In other news, we are stoked to share a couple more happenings from the last couple of weeks! 
 Behind the scenes: prototypes of our proprietary light clips. Our ideas for these are endless. What else will YOU use them for? 
Our Chief Outdoors Officer, Nate, being interviewed by a local news outlet featuring our mission. Keep your eyes out for another post with the story!
Stay tuned for more GO Notes from the team including Indiegogo updates, R&D news and more!