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New Year, New Land!

New Year, New Land!

2018 was an amazing, enlightening year. From the official launch of Gaard One to the introduction of a brand new set of products, the growth we have achieved and the lessons we have learned are immeasurable. Check out some of our highlights from the last 12 months!

December 2018: Gaard One triples in size! From one COO’s (Chief Outdoors Officer) dream to a team of three, Gaard One hones its branding, mission and logistics ahead of a crowdfunding campaign.
Spring 2018: Spend One Gaard One, our vision to conserve one square foot of land with each dollar spent on our gear, is supported by the establishment of The Gaardians, the Gaard One Land Conservation Advisory Board. Led by David Hartwell, he is joined by Nancy Gibson and Ann Bancroft to work hand in hand with us to allocate our dollars for land protection each year. (Keep reading to find out where our 2018 dollars will be going!)

July 2018: Gaard One is introduced to the market via an Indiegogo Campaign. With 130+ backers our first set of gear was sent all over the world! From Brazil to Italy, outdoors enthusiasts everywhere showed their support and love of our products.
Summer 2018: Gaard One gets amazing local coverage during and after the Indiegogo campaign, praising the ingenuity and resilience of our COO and Gaard One’s products. Check out our features on KARE11 and WCCO!
Fall 2018: Backers are LOVING their gear! From the great Minnesota outdoors to trips across the world, people have been showing us where and how they have been using their gear. (Email us your photos to info@gaardone.com or tag us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured and even earn some perks!)
December 2018: Young minds at work! Students in a 3D printing class at Breck School discover Gaard One and begin to play with the applications of our forthcoming light clip.
January 2019: Spend One, Gaard One secures land for conservation from 2018 revenue. Thanks to the Gaardians we are excited to announce that Gaard One is in the final stages of purchasing more than 1 square acre of land at Belwin Conservancy in Afton, MN. 
None of these milestones would have been possible without our first, most dedicated supporters- you! Keep your eyes open for more exciting developments such as brand new product launches and even an interactive land map, giving you the ability to see the very land you conserve with each dollar spent on our gear.
In the wake of the events at our National Parks, we encourage our fellow outdoors enthusiasts to keep in mind that our great American wilderness IS at risk and together we can work to make our own, measurable impact. Thank you for supporting Gaard One, and stay tuned for more in 2019!