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      It’s in our name
      The creation of Gaard One was deeply inspired by our love for the great outdoors. While working to change the landscape of gear for the 21st century outdoor enthusiast, Gaard One is dedicated to protecting and respecting the wilderness through conservation efforts. That’s why for every single dollar you spend on our products, one square foot of land will be protected for generations to come. One for one- you spend one, we Gaard One.
      Sounds great- but how?
      Our Chief Outdoors Officer, Nate, knew from the beginning that he wanted to make an impact far beyond sales. Instead of dedicating a percentage of sales to various organizations, Nate wanted to establish our philanthropy through a measurable, relevant cause- something the community would be able to visualize and relate to.
      How are you conserving the land?
       At the end of each year, Gaard One tally's up the numbers and depending on our total sales, and the subsequent conversion to total square feet of land, we decide which of the various land trusts and conservation groups around the country we will partner with to protect that land.  To do this, we have created a Land Conservation Advisory Board- The Gaardians- to help guide our decision.