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One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Headlamp

One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Headlamp

One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Headlamp


The One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Headlamp is incredibly versatile and so easy to use that you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed the outdoors without it. Our rechargeable headlamp is recreational wearable lighting at its simplest and most versatile. It features three LED brightness levels, allowing you to use as lighting in your tent or giving you a clear path when outdoors at night. The USB-charged One 2Go LED light attaches to a wearable band to be worn around the head.

Your rechargeable headlamp includes a USB rechargeable light with three brightness levels, an adjustable headband and a heavy-duty rubber band to hang your lamp where you need it. The LED light can charge straight from any USB port, including a car USB port. While the One 2Go Rechargeable Headlamp is the perfect accompaniment on a nighttime trail run, cross-country ski or early-morning hike, it can also be used anywhere light is needed. If you're nowhere near an electrical outlet, the One 2Go can be used as a shop light or illumination for under the hood car repairs. Enjoy being tech-savvy, safe and illuminating with the ease of this rechargeable lamp. For colder weather, try our One 2Go Cold Weather Set.

Need a backup light or a blinking light for safe bike riding? Order an additional One 2Go Light to keep one in use and one on the charger.


  • Patent-pending Flex Mount available in 3 colors
  • USB charged, LED light with 3 brightness levels
  • Adjustable, wearable elastic headband
  • Heavy-duty rubber band (to hold lights in place and attach to a pole or bike)


  • Light duration after full charge: 4 hours on highest intensity, 12-16 hours on lowest intensity
  • 2-3 charging time for a full charge
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David B.
United States United States
Bright One Flex: Interchangeable Light Clip + Headband

This product is a pretty good value, and has the basics down: Super bright. Super easy on/off. Rugged. Some stuff that could be improved: Not comfortable on a bare forehead (this will have to be my cool weather headlamp). Some minor fit/finish issues. Some minor use-signaling issues. Nothing that a person doesn't easily figure out on their own, but... Some issues that need to be addressed: There needs to be molded-in battery disposal/product recycling instructions. Presumably this has a lithium or a NiMH cell, and a circuit board, all of which should be kept out of normal trash/landfill streams. Curious to find out how long the battery will run on a charge, and how many charges the battery will take.

Corrin D.
United States United States
Very cool! Powerful light source illuminating all and so light weight!

Excellent! We have used high quality camping head lights and they just don’t illuminate near as well! This illuminates a wide range in front and around. My son has wanted to bike to youth group and even though there is a bike path the whole way there I haven’t let him because it is dark and the path is not lit. But I would actually be comfortable letting him go using this because it has such a great range of illumination! Best head light I’ve ever seen!!

Elizabeth V.
United States United States
Not suitable for hyper dog's leash.

I like to take my hyper 3 1/2 year old do running a few miles. I hooked on onto her leash for evening runs. She's so rambunctious she wacked it on the fence post and the whole thing popped open showing the 'guts.'

Dan B.
United States
Bright One Flex

This is a very convenient product for a lot of purposes - walking the dog at night, for extra light when working with small items, seeing in areas of house/garage with low light when working on stuff. Really like recharge ability, and how quickly it recharges. Works as a headband or on a hat. I have the winter hat version that I really like and wanted same for warm weather.