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One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Light - Bike Light Set

One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Light - Bike Light Set

One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Light - Bike Light Set


The most versatile, modular rechargeable light is now available in a bike set! The One 2Go Flex Rechargeable Light has always made a great companion for nighttime or early morning bike rides but now we've made it even easier with a set that includes both a steady light to light your path and a blinking light to keep you safe and visible from behind.

Choose from three LED brightness levels on your rechargeable bike light to see your path clearly, under any conditions. With 4-16 hours of light (depending on the level you use), you'll have reliable safety and visibility. When it's time to charge, just plug into a USB outlet to get a full charge in only 2-3 hours. The included red, blinking light works perfectly on the back of your bike. Just attach to your bike with the included heavy-duty rubber bands. Our versatile design allows you to attach your lights anywhere it is convenient, rather than committing to the only place you can install a permanent mount. The flexible silicone mounts included are perfectly sized for a bike but they can also be removed and attached to your backpack, headband or any strap. Sturdy hooks on each end make this rechargeable bike light set your go-to for any outdoor, off-grid lighting needs. If you're nowhere near an electrical outlet, the One 2Go can be used as a shop light or illumination for under the hood car repairs.

Need a backup light? Order an additional One 2Go Light or our 3-pack so you'll always have one ready to go.


  • 2, patent-pending Flex Mounts available in 3 colors
  • 1, USB charged, steady white LED light with 3 brightness levels
  • 1, USB charged, blinking red LED light
  • 2, heavy-duty rubber band (to hold lights in place and attach to a pole or bike)


  • Light duration after full charge: 4 hours on highest intensity, 12-16 hours on lowest intensity
  • 2-3 charging time for a full charge