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Xtorch Solar Rechargeable Lantern & Charger

Xtorch Solar Rechargeable Lantern & Charger

Xtorch Solar Rechargeable Lantern & Charger


The Xtorch is the most durable solar rechargeable lantern & charger on the market today. Not only is the Xtorch a powerful, lightweight flashlight and lantern, it is also your new favorite solar gadget for camping. Equipped with a solar panel, the Xtorch will charge your cell phone while you're out camping and light the dark nights while you're off grid. Its durable construction means it can withstand any amount of abuse that happens while you're enjoying the outdoors. Highly water resistant, your Xtorch will keep running and protective silicone covers will protect the USB and charging port.

Ideal for emergencies when the power goes out, the Xtorch will stand up as a lantern or hold it as a flashlight with multiple brightness settings. During a blackout, it also provides much-needed backup power to charge your phone (it always seems to run out of battery at the worst time!) Even if you're out in the rain, the Xtorch's water-resistant construction will keep it running.

For camping, it is equipped with a spring clip on top to easily hang from your tent or backpack. In the morning, just place it in the sunlight (perpendicular to the sun is best) and watch the fuel gauge blink its way to a full charge. Even in hazy skies, the Xtorch will still charge (see guide below for charging times). Amazingly, it will also hold a full charge for up to three years. So, even when tucked away with your gear, this solar rechargeable lantern will work when you need it.

Technical Specifications

Light Run Time
  • 400 lumen LED Flashlight ≈ runs 7.5hrs. on hi to 20 hrs. on low
  • 200 lumen LED Room Lantern ≈ runs 7hrs. on hi to 19 hrs. on low
  • 100 lumen LED Side Lantern ≈ runs 19hrs on hi to 48 hrs. on low
  • 8 hours of Solar Charge = 9 hours of Flashlight run-time on low
Charging Input/Output
  • Charge XTorch via solar panel ≈ 22 hrs. full sun
  • Charge XTorch via solar panel ≈ 32 hrs. hazy sky
    (note: morning sun delivers about 1/2 solar radiation of mid-day sun)
    (note: place solar panel perpendicular to sun)
    (note: a heavy cloudy sky delivers only about 15% solar radiation)
  • Charge XTorch via USB wall adapter ≈ 1.5 hrs. (cables or adapter not included)
  • Output: ​2 amps - using any standard USB cable to charge cell phones​
  • XTorch battery charges most smartphones up to 100%
  • LiFePO4 battery — best in class - ≈ 7 to 10 year life span
  • 3000 mAh /2000 cycles
  • 3 years - battery holds power without needing a recharge
  • ≈ 1 watt mono-crystalline, built-in solar panel​ (panel output always depends on sun strength)

Other Features

  • Battery under/over charge protection
  • Battery Level GaugeLED technology—30,000 hour life span
  • USB silicone protective cover
  • High impact ABS/polycarbonate case UV resistant​
  • World Tested - in over 30 countries- rugged design
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces / Height: 8.5 inches (it is lighter than you may expect)